This mixer derived from our regular PA4080, but instead of regular spring reverb it uses digital chip to simulate the delay effect. You can adjust the depth and time of the delay. And its size is much smaller than the regular PA4080 mixer. And we have a TPA4D package, that is much smaller and lighter in weight. But reserved the power and better portability.


Rated Power :  80 Watts RMS

Features : Digital Delay

Controls : 4 Channel: Volume, Tone, Reverb, Main Volume, Reverb, CD/Tape, Low, Mid, High

Jacks : 4 Channel XLR Mic/Line, Main Output, Reverb Output, Aux input, Foot S/W, Speaker Output, Tape Play RCA, Tape Record RCA

Dimension : 465mm H x 220mm W x 145mm D

Weight : 8 kg


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